Monday, 15 June 2015

Gutter Discoveries

Yesterday was gutter-goo day. It happened because one day this past week it actually rained and my husband saw drips coming from gutter seams. Apparently this loss of water equated to a tragedy which necessitated moving this task to the top of the Sunday to-do list.

So we wrangled the giant ladder out of the storage room, wrestled with it multiple times, and--wielding a tube of insanely-gooey-gunk--my husband caulked all the gutter seams. Even the ones fully 2 stories, and then some, off the ground.

He discovered...
1) a dove on her second clutch of eggs for this year. This time only one egg. How she does this in our gutter is a mystery and I don't like to think of the poo. Once this baby fledges, we're netting that corner.
2) some rodent poo. I don't even need to elaborate on the nastiness of this finding. Let's just say that I am now fervently religious about keeping the UV sterilizer light in ship shape.
3) a cactus. WTF.

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